Horticulture, Landscaping, Nursery, Farming, Civil and Small Business Courses

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Landscape Skills specialises in delivering work-based training to the Landscaping, Construction, and Horticulture Industries. Our trainers are industry professionals,  who have gained experience with the tools and have a desire to give something back.

Many companies find it hard to provide the full scope of work to ensure their apprentices can successfully progress, and complete the full scope of the apprenticeship. We partner with companies to help facilitate this both on the job, within the employer’s workplace, and also off the job at our training facility.

Horticulture, landscaping, farming & nursery courses

certificate II in horticulture course
Become a horticulture specialist with our horticulture courses.
certificate 3 in production horticulture courses brisbane-2
Become a horticulture specialist with our horticulture production courses.
certificate III 3 horticulture brisbane-2
A certification in horticulture gives you the tools for a successful career.
AHC30921 Certificate III in Landscape Construction
Our landscaping courses are structured so that outcomes are quality driven.
certificate III 3 in parks and gardens courses brisbane-2
We give you the opportunity for a successful career with our parks & garden courses.
certificate 3 III in production nursery courses brisbane-2
Learn the skills for a successful career with our nursery operations courses.
certificate 1 in land management and conservation courses brisbane-2
Learn the skills necessary for a career in certificate III in conservation & ecosystem management.
AHC42021 - Certificate IV in Landscape Construction Management
Our Landscape Construction Management courses provide you with knowledge and tools.
AHC50422 diploma of horticulture
Our Diploma Of Horticulture courses provides you with knowledge and tools.

Civil Construction Courses

Our civil construction operations courses are proven to deliver

QLD Small Business Courses & Landscape Skills are proud to offer Nationally Recognised Training courses that are designed to enhance skill sets, provide successful student outcomes and offer only the most professional and experienced trainers and onsite assessors.

All these benefits complement the small business, construction, landscaping, farming, nursery and horticulture courses we have to offer and provide our students with the best possible chance of success in their chosen careers.

We offer quality training; assessments based on criteria; and small business, landscaping, and construction courses designed completely for student success and for managing their skills in a variety of situations and environments.

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You will find a wealth of experience on hand here at Qld Small Business Courses and Landscape Skills.

Qld Small Business Courses Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation established to deliver training and assessment to new and established businesses.

We take your career dreams from out of the clouds and bring them to reality on earth with quality and professional courses.

Our team of experienced trainers come to you and specialise in contextualising learning into a variety of environments, with our focus being the best outcome for our students.

Short Courses And Skill Sets

trade contractors small business courses brisbane-2
Learn management skills with our contractors business course.
lisence to operate a forklift truck sandgate brisbane-2
Learn the skills through our Forklift Licence & Training courses.
Civil Short Courses Brisbane
Learn short courses designed for your success such as skid steer loader and excavator operations.
AHCSS00074 - Chemical Spraying Course
This skill set describes the knowledge and skills required to transport, handle and store chemicals.
QLDLSCSQ02 - Skill Set in Structural Landscaping
This skill set helps meet QBCC’s requirements for Builder Restricted to Structural Landscaping – Site Supervisor License.

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