15 Dec 2017

ACCC dairy inquiry report fails Queensland farmers

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) interim Dairy inquiry report released today will do nothing to address the issues affecting the Queensland dairy industry.

Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) President Brian Tessmann slammed the report has lacking direction and intent to deliver upon what is was established to do – to fix the mess threatening our dairy farmers members interests.

“While the report acknowledges the major issue affecting our industry, the fact that farmers are carrying the overwhelming burden of risk in the supply chain, it offers nothing in the way of solutions or recommendations to fix it.

“QDO welcome the recommendation for a mandatory Dairy Code of Conduct, however, this will not directly address the biggest issue in Queensland, the impact retail prices are having on farm gate earnings.

“It is clear that the original intent of the report has been lost on the ACCC with the interim report failing to address the systemic market failures crippling the viability of the Queensland dairy industry,” Mr. Tessmann said.

“Over a year of apparent ‘listening’ to dairy farmers and the best the ACCC can offer is toothless recommendations that simply rearrange the deck chairs without addressing the crux of the issue, the blatant market failure stemming from the supermarket duopoly.

“If our politicians are serious about supporting the Queensland dairy industry they will redirect the ACCC to pull their socks up and deliver upon the clear political and community expectations the dairy inquiry was originally set up to do.

“It’s time for the ACCC to go back to the drawing board and deliver something that will actually help struggling Queensland dairy farmers.”

Since the major supermarkets $1milk in 2011 more than $200 million dollars a year has been stripped out of the Queensland dairy supply chain resulting in more than 180 dairy farmers leaving the industry.

The ACCC interim Dairy inquiry report can be found HERE.

This article was published on http://www.dairypage.com.au last 30 November 2017. 

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