20 Feb 2018


The future of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan hangs in the balance today as our representatives in Canberra determine the fate of farmers, irrigation reliant communities and the environment.

Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) President Stuart Armitage said it was frustrating and disappointing to again be in a ‘minutes to midnight’ situation where the fate of communities and the environment had been left up to the uncertainty of cross-bench Senators.

“The announcement last week that Labor will support the Greens disallowance motion to recover a further 70 GL from the Northern Basin not only goes against the recommendations from a four-year independent process that Labor put in place when in government, it places all hope on minority party Senators,” said Mr. Armitage.

“Picking and choosing parts of the Plan to serve short-term political interests compromises the integrity of the entire Murray-Darling Basin Plan. This not in Queensland’s or any other Basin state’s interest.”

“By letting the Plan fall apart now politicians are showing contempt for the sacrifices of Basin communities and they will undermine and may even unravel the progress already made.”

“If Senators are serious about the environment and the future of communities along the length and breadth of the Murray-Darling Basin then they will do the right thing and vote down this politically reckless motion.”

Do your part. Make your voice heard today.

Contact one or all of these Federal politicians to express your views and urge them to stop the Disallowance Motion:

  • Corey Bernardi (Australian Conservatives):  phone (08) 8362 8600 or (02) 6277 3278, or email bernardi@aph.gov.au
  • Fraser Anning (independent):  phone (07) 3221 9099 or (02) 6277 3671 or email anning@aph.gov.au
  • Derryn Hinch (independent):  phone (03) 9820 2222 or (02) 6277 3168 or email hinch@aph.gov.au
  • Stirling Griff (Nick Xenophon Team):  phone (08) 8212 1409 or (02) 6277 3128 or email griff@aph.gov.au
  • Rex Patrick (Nick Xenophon Team):  phone (08) 8232 1144 or (02) 6277 3785 or email patrick@aph.gov.au
  • Steve Martin (independent): phone (02) 6277 3808 or email senator.martin@aph.gov.au


This article was published last 12 February 2018 on www.qff.org.au.

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