28 Sep 2017

Increasing VET’s role in the innovation agenda

The vocational education and training (VET) sector has an opportunity to play a larger role in Australia’s innovation agenda according to new research released today by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).

The report VET applied research: driving VET’s role in the innovation system has found that developing an ‘applied research’ capability in the VET sector could see it become another driver of innovation in Australia, and strongly contribute to the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

“VET students, training providers and host organisations must all work together to develop this applied research capability in the workforce,” said Dr Craig Fowler, Managing Director, NCVER.

“This collaboration is key not only to the sector becoming an active contributor to innovation in Australia, but to revitalising the sector’s contribution to industry policy and workforce development.”

VET applied research, which focuses on solving real-world problems both in industry and in VET practice, can create new knowledge as well as encourage the use of existing knowledge in new and creative ways.

“Undertaking applied research builds new capabilities in VET educators, their students, and in the organisations where they work and train,” Dr Fowler said.

“This in turn can reinvigorate relations and investment between trainers and employers.”

The report is accompanied by a comprehensive guide to introducing applied research skills in the VET sector, including a list of benefits for all parties involved in the sector. A developmental framework that individuals and teams can use to plan and undertake applied research is also available.

The report VET applied research: driving VET’s role in the innovation system and the related summaries Explaining the VET applied research developmental framework and Developing VET applied research: steps towards enhancing VET’s role in the innovation system are available from www.ncver.edu.au/publications

This work has been produced by NCVER on behalf of the Australian Government and state and territory governments, with funding provided through the Department of Education and Training.

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This is a repost from the NCVER Media Release dated 07 September 2017.

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