06 Oct 2017

Rural workplaces up for accolades in Safe Work and Return to Work Award

Agriculture workplaces across Queensland have taken the Safe Work and Return to Work Awards by storm, with several businesses in the running for major honours.

Australian Country Choice has been named as one of the finalists for developing new cattle handling yard facilities designed to minimise direct contact between stock handlers and the animals. The new yard design separates the workers from the animals in a more efficient way of processing cattle in a low stress environment.

Hyne Timber is also a finalist after it acted to address a long running risk to log truck drivers when they were unstrapping their load for delivery. Logs and stems may have moved during transit or could spring back on the release of tension from the load restraint straps causing the logs to move and potentially fall on the truck driver. The solution was to use engineering controls to prevent logs from dislodging from the truck during the unbinding process. Drivers then use swinging steel arms that lock against the logs on the truck to prevent logs from falling out during the unstrapping process. The work is done from the driver’s side of the truck to release the tension on the binders and wind up the load restraint straps, limiting their exposure to other risks in the log yard such as mobile plant.

Finally, poultry producer Darwalla Group has a chance for top honours for designing and implementing an injured worker rehabilitation management system to meet the unique nature of its operations. The system is described as ‘beyond best practice’, and includes training, communication, worker support and collaborative networking.

The Safe Work and Return to Work Awards winners will be announced on 18 October. For a full list of the finalists, visit worksafe.qld.gov.au.


This article was published in www.worksafe.qld.gov.au on 27 September 2017

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