11 Oct 2017

Strengthening school-industry STEM skills partnerships

This report documents a two-year research project funded by the Office of the Chief Scientist to improve student participation in STEM-related disciplines by encouraging school and industry collaboration. The report also investigated the need to improve teacher and student understanding of the demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in the workplace, and to encourage students to consider further study and a career in STEM. A key finding was the need for the professional development of teachers to enable successful school-industry collaboration, and the role of education systems in providing this support. Schools and companies also need support to form sustainable and enduring partnerships to jointly advance student STEM skills. The report found that multiple models of school-industry engagement were already in place across Australia, ranging from ‘single school-single company’ models, through to larger hub-type arrangements involving many partners. The project included an extensive national mapping exercise, which resulted in the production of the STEM Programme Index 2016.

To read more on the study, visit: https://www.aigroup.com.au/policy-and-research/mediacentre/releases/STEM-Report-15June/

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