26 Sep 2017

Wiring Rules Update: new requirements for recessed luminaries and pool area installations

The Australian Standard AS/NZS3000 (the Wiring Rules) is being updated and is due to be published early next year.

The new edition will include changes to the requirements of recessed luminaries and pool area installations.

In the new edition, the section on recessed luminaries has been rewritten to make it easier to understand. Recessed luminaries will have new classifications. For example, luminaries will require markings that will indicate if they can be installed against, or covered with, thermal insulation.

The new edition will also include ancillary equipment such as drivers and transformers. To help explain this approach, the new edition will include a series of new drawings and tables that explain each classification and location where luminaries can be installed.

There are also some changes to the requirements for pool area installations, in particular, bonding arrangement and the location of electrical equipment. For example, there is a new condition requiring all conductive pool structures being bonded to the installation earthing system, regardless of other requirements specified in the standard.

The new edition will include a diagram depicting an example of bonding arrangements for pools and spas.

The requirements prohibiting switchboards being located in any classified zone still exists, with the scope of this requirement being extended to electrical generating systems.

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